Buy Live Resin Online Canada For a Smooth and Robust Cannabis Concentrate

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Live resin is all about preserving the full cannabis plant profile in a delicious extract. This unique extraction method mirrors a strain’s cannabinoid and terpene profile with remarkable precision, resulting in a highly-refined cannabis experience. Buy live resin online canada for a smooth and robust cannabis concentrate.

Live resin online cCanada concentrate that is made from flash-frozen fresh cannabis flower and is then extracted with a butane/propane solvent. The leftover butane is then purged to safe levels in a vacuum oven, leaving behind a clean extract that can then be converted into budder, sauce, crumble, shatter or sap.

Exploring the World of Live Resin: Your Guide to Buying Online in Canada

Unlike other extracts, which use dried, cured buds to produce an effect, live resin is made from fresh, uncured cannabis flower, retaining more of the flavorful terpenes that are lost during the drying and curing process. This results in a potent, flavorful concentrate that can be enjoyed a variety of ways, from dabbing to adding it to edibles.

Also known as budder, htfse and terp sauce, live resin is a popular choice among cannabis consumers due to its robust cannabinoid, terpene and flavonoid profiles. It’s popular because of its rich and creamy butter-like consistency, and powerful effects that are quick to hit and fast-acting.

While there are a few different ways to consume live resin, the most common way is to dab it using a dab rig or similar vaporizer device. Dabbing is a safe and effective way to enjoy the benefits of live resin, as it eliminates the need for flame or smoke. If you don’t have a dab rig, you can also vaporize live resin with a compatible weed vape pen.

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