Custom Rear Window Decals

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Custom rear window decals are a great way to showcase your logo, provide contact information and more on your vehicle. These custom car graphics are a cost-effective branding tool that can help your business build brand awareness and grow your client base while on the go. They’re a great addition to any vehicle and come with an easy-to-install process that does not require professional assistance.

How do you make clear stickers?

Choose from a variety of options for your rear windshield or rear window graphics, including perforated decals and frosted decals. Perforated vinyl windows feature tiny holes known as micro punctures that allow the design to be seen from the outside, but don’t obstruct the driver’s view. Frosted decals have a smooth, opaque finish that provides a medium background but does not block the view completely. Using a frosted decal on your rear window gives you the best of both worlds by providing a clear view of the road while still giving you the ability to show off your company’s information to passersby.

When designing your custom vinyl rear window decal, remember to always center the fonts and designs to prevent them from getting cut off or distorted during the trimming process. Also, it’s a good idea to order your window graphics 2″ wider and taller than the install space to give yourself some room for trimming. Lastly, to make your window decals last longer, we recommend you launder them regularly to keep them looking fresh and clean.

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