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Corporate special interests are winning and dining judges at fancy resorts under the pretext of “educating” them about complicated legal issues. Nothing for FREE, a July 2000 report by Community Rights Counsel (CRC), showed that these junkets appear to be working as their sponsors intend, encouraging rulings that strike down environmental protections and line the pockets of junket sponsors. CRC’s most recent report, Tainted Justice, released in March 2004, expands on Nothing for FREE.

  • Now you can use CRC’s “Trips for Judges” database to find out what special interests are wining and dining your local judges — the database includes disclosure forms for judges.
  • Read CRC’s Nothing for the FREE report here.
  • Read CRC’s Tainted Justice report here.
  • Read the Foreword to CRC’s Nothing for a FREE report written by former Chief Judge Abner J. Mikva.
  • See the “20/20” Investigation of Judges Vacationing at Luxury Resorts on Corporate Dime.