How Flower Power Can Improve Your Health and Happiness

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Flowers are not only beautiful, but they can also improve your health and happiness!

Flower Power (PC) | Mood and Life Satisfaction, Long-Term Benefits
A recent study from Rutgers University showed that simply receiving flowers lowered your stress levels and brought you closer to people around you. This is a great gift to give someone who is going through a tough time or to bring some love and positivity to their day!

Depression: For many people, it can be harder to talk about their mental health. In fact, depression can be a common issue for older adults and it can be difficult to diagnose or treat due to social stigma and lack of awareness. GO here

Flowers are also a natural antidepressant and can be an excellent way to support those who are dealing with a depression or stress. They have a soothing effect on the human brain and can help calm down anxiety, stress and fatigue.

Flower Power and Creativity: How to Use Flowers to Boost Your Artistic Skills

Using boric acid can be a great way to relieve the symptoms of vaginal odor and itch caused by yeast infections. It works by strengthening the body’s normal bacterial flora to fight off the infection, odor and itching that causes the vaginal discomfort.

Bouquet of Flowers:

There’s nothing like a bouquet of fresh flowers to make your loved ones smile. This gorgeous mix of yellow snapdragons, orange spray roses, red alstroemeria and more is the perfect way to brighten their day!

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