How to Choose a Buyers Agent

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Buyers Agents Melbourne Here advocate is a property-buying professional who specialises in searching for, scoping out and evaluating properties on your behalf, as well as conducting open home inspections and negotiating at auction. They can assist first time home buyers, experienced investors and even commercial property buyers.

A good buyers agent will save you time by handling the tedious work of filtering properties, attending open homes, organising reports and submitting applications for inspection. Their expert negotiation skills will also help you secure a better deal on the property you want to buy.

You should choose a buyer’s agent who is members of a real estate buyers agents association like REBAA. This ensures they are licensed to practice and will uphold high ethical standards. They should also be able to provide testimonials and referrals from past clients.

Your Guide to Property Purchase: Buyers Agents in Melbourne

The best Melbourne buyers agents will have a number of years, or even decades, of experience buying different types of properties in the area you are interested in. They will be able to recommend emerging hotspots, and give you advice on the types of properties that might provide you with the highest levels of capital growth or rental yield.

You should also look for an agency that lists their satisfied clients on their website. They should be able to provide case studies and testimonials, as well as details of their fees and services. It is important to note that some buyers agents will only charge a one-off fee, while others may charge a percentage of the purchase price.

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