Inogen Gs-100 at Home Oxygen Concentrator

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inogen gs100 at home oxygen concentrator

The inogen gs-100 at home oxygen concentrator is one of the lightest stationary units on the market. It weighs in at half the weight of some others and runs at very low energy consumption levels – which can save you money on power bills over the long term.

It has a range of five continuous flow modes with varying oxygen flows from one to five liters per minute, which makes it compatible with many different types of CPAP machines and other devices. It also has a built-in humidifier bottle that helps keep nasal passageways moisturized and reduces dryness that can cause nose bleeds.

Affordable Oxygen Therapy: Finding the Best Deals on Used Inogen GS-100 At-Home Oxygen Concentrators

Breath detection alert: When the oxygen machine doesn’t detect a breath for 60 seconds, it activates an audible and visual alert that will notify you that you need to breathe in oxygen again before it switches to auto pulse mode, releasing bursts of oxygen until you can take a deep breath. This feature can be helpful to reassure patients that their machine is working properly until they can get help from their caregivers or a healthcare professional.

Quiet operation: With a low and non-disruptive noise level of 40 dB at flow setting 2, the Inogen gs-100 at home oxygen concentrateer is designed to run day or night without disrupting others in your home. This is important for patients who need a truly 24-hour oxygen supply, such as those with COPD or other chronic lung disease.

Wearability: Users can wear a portable oxygen concentrator in many ways, from an adjustable strap draped over their shoulder to a carrying bag that looks like a purse or backpack. Inogen’s lightweight models are 3.3 to 5.7 pounds, making them easy to transport from room to room.

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