Insulation Contractor – Why Hiring a Pro Could Save Homeowners Money in the Long Run

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Homeowners often feel that DIY projects are the way to go, but some tasks require the skills and experience of a professional. Insulation is one of those jobs that is better left in the hands of a trained insulation contractor. In fact, hiring a pro could save homeowners money in the long run because of how much more efficient their homes will be after the insulation job is complete.

Joe Blow’s Insulation contractor works with clients to line and cover structures with insulating materials, such as fiberglass, cellulose or spray foam. The contractor may also install thermal barriers, such as reflective foils and radiant barriers, to reduce energy loss in homes, buildings, and pole barns. Some insulation contractors specialize in specific materials, such as cellulose or spray foam, while others offer a full range of services that include installation and removal of existing insulation, acoustical ceilings and attics, blown-in-place insulation and more.

Expert Advice: What to Expect from Joe Blow’s Insulation Services

A person interested in becoming an insulation contractor can obtain the necessary skills through informal, on-the-job training or a formal apprenticeship program. Most states also require a license for this type of work. In some states, a license as a general contractor is required, while in other states, the insulation contractor can choose to hold a specialty license that only covers the field of installation and removal of insulation. The responsibilities of an insulation contractor can be challenging, but the job rewards are great.

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