Popular Marijuana Dispensaries in Las Vegas

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Known for its tantalizing libations, acrobatic shows and high-stakes gambling, the entertainment capital of the world also boasts a burgeoning recreational marijuana industry. The city has more than 50 dispensaries — many of them on or near the Strip — that offer visitors and locals a range of cannabis options to suit every mood. Some offer a more clinical experience while others go above and beyond, providing cannabis enthusiasts with unique retail environments and memorable experiences.

Can you smoke in Vegas malls?

Among the most popular marijuana dispensaries in las vegas is Planet 13, which bills itself as “one of the world’s largest and most eclectic marijuana retail locations.” This expansive shop features a lotus flower, 3D projection visual experience and LED interactive floor to create an immersive space where customers can explore and learn about cannabis. Planet 13 welcomes both Nevada residents and out-of-state medical marijuana patients and offers daily specials and loyalty rewards for its frequent shoppers.



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