Pub G Cheats – How to Spot Them

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pub g cheats

If you’re a pub g cheats g player you’ve probably seen or even been a victim of cheaters in the game. Hackers ruin the game and make it hard for legitimate players to win chicken dinners. The game’s anti-cheat system has been trying to catch up with cheaters for years, but they are a constant problem for players. YouTube personalities like Dr Disrespect have even slammed the game for cheating, and it’s clear that some people are not taking the issue seriously enough.

There are several ways to spot a cheater in pub g. First, you can look for a player with high stats who is playing in a group of players that are all dedicated to one another and play with them every time they play. Another sign is if the player has a lot of kills, this shows that they are most likely using a hack of some sort. Speed hacks, for example, will make a player run extremely fast, and radar hacks allow them to see the position of other players in spectator mode.

Boosting / Win trading

If you do spot a cheater, it’s always good to report them immediately. PUBG Corp is pretty good about banning hackers, and the reports help them to catch more of them. The report button can be found on the score/spectate screen and in the Tier Overview section of the offending player’s profile. It’s also a good idea to watch the killcam back before you report the player, as it will make it easier for Tencent to determine whether or not they are cheating.

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