Tennis Court Repairs

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tennis court repairs

Whether your tennis court repairs is concrete, asphalt or an acrylic surface, regular maintenance keeps it looking good and prevents the need for costly repair work. Sweeping and pressure washing keep debris like twigs, pine needles, mildew and mold from building up and staining the surface. Regularly removing water puddles from the surface prevents the heaving and cracking that can lead to structural problems down the line.

Cracks on a tennis court are often symptomatic of other issues under the surface, so it is important to fix them as soon as they are noticed. ProCorM offers a revolutionary crack repair system that does not rely on bonding and instead spreads the stress of the cracked area across a wide area of expandable fabric.

Ace Your Game: A Complete Guide to Tennis Court Repairs

Resurfacing a court is the process of applying new surfacing material over an existing surface, usually a combination of acrylic and rubber. A standard resurfacing job includes cleaning the surface, removing weeds and other plant material, filling cracks and low areas (known as birdbaths) and repainting. Some resurfacing processes also include adding a cushioning system which can help minimize achy joints for older players.

While resurfacing is expensive, it is still significantly less costly than a full rebuild of the court. If you have a quality court that is well maintained it should last about 15 years between resurfacing. Proper construction and a sound drainage system that minimizes flooding of the court will extend the time between resurfacing even further.

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