The Best Bubblers on the Market

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best bubblers

Best bubblers are the midpoint between pipes and bongs, combining the filtration of a water pipe with the convenience and portability of a hand pipe. There are tons of styles, sizes and materials to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for a simple and easy-to-clean bubbler to take on the go or something with a little more bling, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best bubblers on the market:

Top-of-the-Line Blowout Pods

This badass bubbler from Black Leaf is packed with features to make your smoking experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. It has a drum style perc that lives inside the main chamber, as well as three separate tube recyclers that work together to move water through each of the different compartments.

Bubbling with Joy: Our Top Picks for the Best Bubblers on the Market

The ice chamber and pipe cleaner space are also nice features, as they make cleaning a breeze. And, the base is made from heavy-duty glass that’s resistant to breakage.

Snoop Dogg Knows How To Do It In Style

Snoop’s Lightship Bubbler is a great choice for the stylish stoner. It’s available in various colors, including Snoop’s signature purple hue and blue/white combinations.

Affordable, Not Easily Broken

Borosilicate is the ideal material for a bubbler because it can withstand high temperatures and doesn’t shatter easily. Quartz, soft glass, and acrylic are other good choices, but they are more fragile than borosilicate.

For a budget-friendly option, this bent neck bubbler from Empire Smokes is an excellent choice. Not only is it durable, but it also provides consistent quality hits.

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