The Risks of Mail Order Marijuana

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Mail Order marijuana

Mail Order marijuana is a growing trend among consumers, as the internet has opened up access to an overwhelming array of cannabis products. The process is simple: visit the website of your preferred online dispensary, search for the product you’re looking for, add it to your cart and checkout. In many cases, you can even have your order delivered right to your door!

But there are risks associated with shipping weed through the mail. For one, the minute your package crosses a state border it falls under federal law and mailing it is illegal in most states. Furthermore, USPS employees are encouraged to report suspicious packages and are prone to opening them without a warrant. Private courier services, on the other hand, are more reputable and offer a safer option. Find out

From Click to Cloud 9: The Rise of Mail Order Marijuana Services

However, it is important to note that despite legalization in some states, the government still considers marijuana illegal. Because of this, banking institutions and credit card companies are reluctant to support the purchase of marijuana from unlicensed retailers. This is why most online dispensaries accept Interac e-transfers.

Fortunately, the Postal Inspection Service has established an Administrative Non-Mailability Protocol (ANP) program in which they can detain and inspect mail packages that are reasonably suspected of containing marijuana from the mailstream without a warrant. The contents of these packages are then seized and destroyed. Additionally, the information gathered about these packages may be used in future criminal investigations. Ultimately, this is a great way to remove marijuana from the mail stream.

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