Velcro Heavy Duty Straps

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velcro heavy duty straps

If you’re in need of a convenient way to secure heavy items such as hoses, electrical cords and other bulky gear, then velcro heavy duty straps are the perfect solution. These hook and loop straps are designed to cinch around a variety of different diameters and feature a cinch ring that is ultrasonically welded to the loop end, which makes them adjustable and reusable.

VELCRO(r) Brand EASY HANG(tm) Storage Straps are velcro heavy duty straps for maximizing space and organizing everything from bikes, golf clubs and sporting equipment to pool hoses, ladders, extension cords and more; also great for hanging tools and equipment in the back of your truck, RV or boat. These straps are durable and come with a heavy-duty carabiner to securely attach items.

The Benefits of Velcro Heavy Duty Straps for Securing Your Equipment: How They Can Improve Your Workflow

Using these straps, you can easily get rid of the clutter in your garage or shed by hanging all sorts of objects from bikes, sports equipment and sporting goods to hoses, ladders, suitcases, and much more. This is a quick and easy way to clear the floor and make your workplace or home more organized.

These heavy duty velcro straps are made of a durable, weather proof plastic that allows them to be carried around and used to hang items such as a water hose or an electrical cord. They are a much better choice than plastic spools that are often available for these types of items.

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